Natural vs. Organic

All natural food growing and organic foods have been rising in popularity in recent years. Many in America want foods that don’t have chemicals or hormones added to what they consume, preferring more natural ingredients. Many farms around the country have embraced this trend and begun to switch methods of growing.

There is a difference between organic and all natural. The key difference lies in the regulation of the two. Organic foods are heavily regulated by the Federal Drug Administration. They require that if the label organic is used no pesticides or chemicals can be used in the growing of the food. All natural has far less regulation, the federal government is still debating about what the term should mean in order to be used.

In addition, the regulatory bodies constantly check organic food growers and processors with checks to their operations to ensure that they follow the rules. Since neither the Federal Drug Administration nor the Unites States Department of Agriculture has rules on what ‘Natural’ means, they have no way of checking those who place such labels on their products.

Even though there are no regulations on the ‘Natural’ label, farms use the term to describe how they grow their food. The A Natural Farm and Educational Center, which is a farm located in Florida, does not use any type of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. They primarily grow fruits and roots.

Hidden Acres Natural Farm raises lambs with no antibiotics or growth hormones. They also are not feed anything that has GMO’s or grain finishing’s. They attempt to make the entire process as natural as possible.

Farms such as Mealor Family Gardens focus on providing natural compost and avoiding pesticides while growing vegetables and fruits. These kinds of farms are primarily looking to use natural means to grow their food.

While there is no set federal definition for natural growing, many farms equate it to what organic is defined as. By using the natural label they are able to escape regulation and have more freedom in how they grow their food. It is important to do research on the farm or producer of food if they use the natural label instead of the organic as some may not truly be free of chemical enhancements.

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