Trees and the Farmer Market

Now, what on earth do trees have to do with farmers markets?  Well, that’s the point!  If farmers markets are full of things that grow locally in the area, then why aren’t trees found at local farmers markets?

Obviously, their size is a problem.  You can’t very well bring an oak tree to your booth!

Okay… let me put my sarcasm aside and talk seriously for a moment about a market that local farmers are overlooking. Trees! So many folks want to plant fruit trees, but lack the access for good organically grown saplings.  I know only of one local farmer outside of Houston, TX that specializes in selling fruit trees.  And, let me tell you.. they are not cheap, but people want them.  They are hearty, strong, and already off to a healthy bug-free start.  This guy gets almost double what you would pay at Lowe’s or Home Depot, but then again this is his specialty and he’s local, knowledgeable, and a successful fruit farmer.

So the next time you call someone like a Highpoint Tree Care and tell them to cut down your tree… stop!  Can anything be salvaged from the tree?  For instance, have you seen the show, Filthy Riches?  If you haven’t check out this trailer and notice the burl tree hunters.

Something else that farmers should consider is turning all their dead trees into a product to resell at a farmers market.  Or at the least, resell the wood to a craftsman that makes furniture or whatever out of wood.  I ran across an incredible little shop outside of Houston where this guy was making furniture from beat up old wood.  Wow!  The stuff had this shabby chic look and was painted with vibrant colors.  He was charging a lot for the furniture, but selling it like hot cakes.  So, don’t tell me wood (aka trees) don’t belong at a farmers market because trees have so much value and a ton of possibilities for making money.  Just saying!

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